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remusyurov's News

Posted by remusyurov - June 4th, 2020

Hello again! I hope you're safe in these troubling times.

I've been scanning my old paper cutouts and working on the PHL remasters. They're coming in 1080p with new animations and some new backgrounds (PHL1's backgrounds all had to be redrawn since they didn't survive, PHL2's ones are mostly intact) with as much of the original style as possible.

Paper Half-Life 1 Remastered coming on it's 11th birthday, June 15th, with its sequel some time this summer.

After that... you can probably guess by now. 

Watch the originals here:

Paper Half-Life (2009)

Paper Half-Life 2 (2010)



Posted by remusyurov - June 29th, 2019


I worked on it on and off in late 2015-2016 and then kind of put it on hiatus, due to work and overall weariness from these paper animations. But a couple of months back I thought, "hey, I've got that video that's about 50% done that just sits there, why don't I finish it?"

Paper Hotline Miami 2 is focused on the group of masked individuals called The Fans. The whole video is basically one big action scene. It will be much more violent and hopefully better paced than the first one. As previously, I will be doing music for this one, which will be available online.

The video is on track to release in July.

Watch Paper Hotline Miami https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/646403


Posted by remusyurov - January 2nd, 2017

Perhaps I should explain the almost complete absence of original content from my part in 2016 - the short and boring answer is 'real life'.

While I did help out with other people's projects last year, I had to kinda sort out my life. There's no way I can do this thing full-time, so Remuslab is not in my top priority. While I am working on Paper Hotline Miami 2 on and off, other more important things gotta take place sometimes.

Last October I joined a local video studio called Lava Media as an editor/occasional sound operator. While it is the most badass job I've ever had, I got in just in time for the pre-new year frenzy, staying overnight either editing or filming, leaving no time for personal projects. I'm not complaining, and it's nobody's fault, but I still feel awful about not delivering anything for such a long time. But now that I hopefully will have more time now, I will continue working on my projects soon enough.

So the plan for now is simple: finish PHM2 at least this year and see how it goes from there. It's not going to be a huge video and it no way should've taken so long. Sorry!

P.S. Considering I never promote the things I'm actually making for a living now, here's some of the shows I've worked on so far (all in russian whoops)




Posted by remusyurov - September 24th, 2016


It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm working on another installment of the Paper series - this time it's about Hotline Miami 2, a fun for all the family! The original game has so many plots going on (a little too many if you ask me), so in this one I'm focusing on the Fans - a group of masked individuals going for killing sprees on gangs and junkies. While the video on the first game was mostly an experiment with digital paper animation, 3D environments and custom music, this one has more of a cinematic approach, plus having a higher body count and overall brutaluty, if that's your thing.

But when is it coming out? I don't know! I started working on it December 2015, picking away at it whenever possible. I've got literally a million other things going on right now which all need attention, and making paper cartoons was never more than a hobby (a pretty rad one, that is). So instead of jinxing it and telling a release date, I'm just gonna say it will be finished at some point and sorry for the wait!

Posted by remusyurov - February 18th, 2016

Boy howdy! Me and my best friend finally made that short live-action series, but I don't think it would be appropriate to post it here, so I've put it on youtube

Here it is, my good pals!

Posted by remusyurov - December 31st, 2015

So this year was pretty good, we finally got the Paper Half-Life saga wrapped up after 5 years of dicking around, and I got to collaborate with some people as well, that’s pretty sweet, isn’t it

After Episode Two I went on a hiatus of some sort, working on other folks’ projects and figuring out a huge project, but now I’m back on working on my own stuff, and I might or might not return to that project in the future (although I sure hope to make something out of it eventually)

Anyway, what can you expect from Remuslab in 2016? Wel, we finally filmed the ending to our short live-action series, and it’s now in post-production, so fingers crossed, it’s gonna be finished in January

There’s also a new paper video on its way (of course), and it’s gonna look a bit different that the usual paper stuff, and I’m real excited for that one, can’t say much else atm though!

And I’m also working on another Anime Amigos by @RyanStorm, specifically animating a part of it, which might be the most ambitious piece of work I have ever done thus far

So that’s it for now, I hope to produce more stuff in 2016 than usual, and I thank all my followers and fans for staying with me over the years, as well as the new folks! Anyway, I’m going to go to my friend’s and make some goddamned white russians and meet the new year like the good boys we are

Posted by remusyurov - October 3rd, 2015

Boy isn't that weird? All those anime amigos frontpage posts popping up like it's a big deal or sumthin? How peculiar


Anyway, RyanStorm's Anime Amigos 3 is coming out this very sunday and you all should watch it, because a ton of people worked on it! Including yours truly! I've even animated a lil part of it, how exciting is that





Posted by remusyurov - August 17th, 2015







Hello! I'm a boy who does drawings, cartoons and some other stuff, and here's the menu

Art, you can see examples here and here (older)

Sketch: $2

Line art: $5

Color: +$5

Shading: +$5

Background: +$10


Animation, most of the examples here

Prices may vary, depending on a number of things, can be bargained

Traditional 2D animation:  $10+ per finished second

Stop-motion 2D animation: $8+ per finished second

Keep in mind, if it's 20+ fps and it's all/mostly ones, the price doubles

That all applies to videos, looping gifs and similar stuff


I can also do some editing, GFX and some music, but the price for that should be discussed


I accept PayPal only, and you can reach me at remusyurov@gmail.com or you could just IM me here


Right, cya!

Posted by remusyurov - July 10th, 2015

Hi! If you would like to take a look at the backgroounds I did for those two videos, I've compiled them all in one lil zip archive (including one secret background from a discarded scene), which you can get here https://www.dropbox.com/s/1m330xdws3fo9oj/PHLEPISODESBGRS.zip?dl=0

Posted by remusyurov - June 21st, 2015

Hello, I've been working for the past few months on this stop-motion style cartoon about Freeman and his friends' wacky adventures, and I'm so giddy about what I want to show that I've cobbled together this lil teaser trailer, so look forward to that probably!

And you can also watch the Episode One vid on this very website