Art & animation commi$$ions

2015-08-17 11:01:19 by remusyurov







Hello! I'm a boy who does drawings, cartoons and some other stuff, and here's the menu

Art, you can see examples here and here (older)

Sketch: $2

Line art: $5

Color: +$5

Shading: +$5

Background: +$10


Animation, most of the examples here

Prices may vary, depending on a number of things, can be bargained

Traditional 2D animation:  $10+ per finished second

Stop-motion 2D animation: $8+ per finished second

Keep in mind, if it's 20+ fps and it's all/mostly ones, the price doubles

That all applies to videos, looping gifs and similar stuff


I can also do some editing, GFX and some music, but the price for that should be discussed


I accept PayPal only, and you can reach me at or you could just IM me here


Right, cya!


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2015-08-17 22:43:41

I wish you good luck in your commission-related endeavors!