Pre-2016 update extravaganza

2015-12-31 09:21:54 by remusyurov

So this year was pretty good, we finally got the Paper Half-Life saga wrapped up after 5 years of dicking around, and I got to collaborate with some people as well, that’s pretty sweet, isn’t it

After Episode Two I went on a hiatus of some sort, working on other folks’ projects and figuring out a huge project, but now I’m back on working on my own stuff, and I might or might not return to that project in the future (although I sure hope to make something out of it eventually)

Anyway, what can you expect from Remuslab in 2016? Wel, we finally filmed the ending to our short live-action series, and it’s now in post-production, so fingers crossed, it’s gonna be finished in January

There’s also a new paper video on its way (of course), and it’s gonna look a bit different that the usual paper stuff, and I’m real excited for that one, can’t say much else atm though!

And I’m also working on another Anime Amigos by @RyanStorm, specifically animating a part of it, which might be the most ambitious piece of work I have ever done thus far

So that’s it for now, I hope to produce more stuff in 2016 than usual, and I thank all my followers and fans for staying with me over the years, as well as the new folks! Anyway, I’m going to go to my friend’s and make some goddamned white russians and meet the new year like the good boys we are


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2015-12-31 11:48:26

congrats man, wish you the best!


2015-12-31 13:32:41

awesome man, can't wait for all of this to pop up!