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Robo cops Robo cops

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Why isn't it finished? If it's not finished than don't upload it at all, or at least finish it and upload it on its own after Robot Day/Jam, it would be fine, who cares

But would it even be better in final form? The robots' voice filter is awful and i couldn't understand half of what they're saying, and whatever the plot and the punchline is, it doesn't make any sense

I'm sorry but this isn't very good

Those cops don't do their job properly

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Jamworld Ep. #15 Jamworld Ep. #15

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Okay, so I had to rewatch the thing a couple times, because i had no idea what was going on. What I got from this, is that two kids fell in love at the first sight and then did stuff and they got separated until July 6 2011
And what does that date has to do with? Does it have to do with some events from real life of the creator that we don't know about? And why should we care? This doesn't tell absolutely anything interesting and/or meaningful in terms of plot
There's a lot of stuff that doesn't make any sense to the viewer and it just feels like a mish-mash of sad things that should make us sad because it's sad, not because we should care about developed characters, which are absent here

Not to be mean or anything, but keep trying

And goddamit, i haven't seen a lot of eddsworld, but you can't deny this is tord, he even has his hoodie and haircut and everything!

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